Tuesday, October 6, 2009

SparkerThinkBIG.com- ThinkBIGsites TOP SEO and PPC firm SEO RESULTS we Deliver

THINK BIG -GROW FASTER!! Call for a FREE consultation Contact–Sandi Parker 480-507-0639 http://sparkerthinkbig.com, sparker@thinkbigsites.com

ThinkBigSites Top SEO Organic and PPC Bid Mgt Firm. Increase your visibility, profits and SALES!! Our Search Engine Optimization Services and Pay Per Click Programs are designed to get you noticed in a BIG way! Our proven process will help brand your business as "the" preeminent authority within your market space. Request our free White Paper today

Free Resources: Available per request Goto http://sparkerthinkbig.com

1- The TBS white papers . It is very interesting, informative information that all
business should be aware of as to why your site needs to be optimized. And also explains our products and services and will clearly separate us from the crowd
Knowledge is power, so take advantage of this FREE offer now!

2-FREE SEO Analysis. This is a report based on Goggles algorithms and identifies where and how your website can be improved to become better optimized and more search engine friendly.
N View your Webpage Scoresheet to discover errors and penalties that are negatively affecting your Webpage's Search Engine ranking
If your website is not properly optimized, it will never get highly ranked on Google,
Webpage Vital Statistics Webpage's SEOENG Score for ThinkBIGsites.com 97.34 % ( A )
What is your Score?

3-FREE SemRush report: this report will show which keywords you are ranked for on Google’s page one and Two
ThinkBIG is now ranked on Page 1 of Google, 83 Times & ranked on Page 2 of Google, 90 times & these results are increasing every day!
Keep in mind, we only target approx 15 or so keywords right now, so the other 158 highly ranked phrases that now appear in Google's TOP 20 "Organic" listings are there based on the residual, collateral effect of our unique SEO program!! This is a rankings phenomenon that only ThinkBIG & our clients have realized!!
4- Free SemRush report for your competitors : find out what keywords you competitors are ranked for

5- The monthly newsletter you will be kept abreast of industry changes, related news and events, Google modifications and much, much more. These Newsletters can act
as your eyes and ears, keeping you always one step ahead of your competition with your hand firmly on the pulse of the Internet Marketing industry.
Knowledge is power, so take advantage of this FREE offer now!

6- Free Webinar PPC Online Demo Our PPC management services are “Cutting Edge” and are designed to reduce your spending while increasing your ROI significantly. We do this on a flat fee basis, so unlike our competitors, we’re not motivated to
increase your spending every month.

ThinkBIGsites- ONE-STOP-SHOP for all your needs

Organic SEO Rankings- national and local packages available
On Page SEO Only -for a one time fee

PPC Mgmt

Web Design

Press Releases

Newsletter services

The bottom line is this: we get 95% of our clients to page 1 organically within 90days for the TOP keywords that bring in the highest conversion rates, and we will optimize your website so Google sees you as relevant and resourceful to increase your overall rankings
And in the PPC side of the house We ONLY work on a FLAT FEE basis in PPC, we typically increase ROI by about 15-30% for our clients, maintaining their current level of spend or less,

Organic SEO
At ThinkBIG, our SEO experts work diligently with our clients to get their websites first-page search engine rankings. Our Organic SEO process consists of three steps: keyword analysis, search engine optimization and strategic inbound linking. Together, these steps result in improved organic rankings on all the major search engines, particularly Google. ThinkBIG SEO methodology helps our clients to realize increased web traffic and consequentially more sales, revenue and profits.

PPC Bid Management
ThinkBIG's pay per click bid management program puts your search engine marketing in the hands of experts. Our methodology utilizes the latest software as well as 60% human intervention to ensure that your marketing dollars are spent wisely and effectively. Let us concentrate on the marketing strategies of your website so that you can concentrate on growing your business!

Website Optimization and Design
ThinkBIG's web optimization and design team can optimize your current website, or build you a new one from the ground up. Whether you just want to add a blog to your existing site, or you need help developing your entire online corporate presence, our team of professional web designers are ready to work for you.

Optimized Press Releases
ThinkBIG offers unique insight and expertise in this area. In most cases, optimized press release services, including professional writing and Search Engine Optimization, conducted by ThinkBig SEO professionals will generate significant interest in a client's website or service/product offering that has often resulted in an increase in sales practically overnight.

me today for more information

i Parker National Sales Director http://sparkerthinkbig.com Direct -480-507-0639 sparker@thinkbigsites.com

Professional Profile http://www.linkedin.com/in/sandiparker Naymz: Repscore http://www.naymz.com/search/sandi/parker/267
5722?preview=true Follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/sparkerthinkbig

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