Friday, March 26, 2010

Search Engine Optimization -SparkerThinkBIG

Search Engine Optimization -SparkerThinkBIG


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Search Engine Optimization

Organic Search Results and PPC Bid MGT

We can help you To increase you’re visibility, profits and Sales !!!

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TOP Organic SEO and PPC Bid Mgt , Its not enough just to have a website. In order
to increase your SALES you need to be visible on the worldwide Web--ABOVE your
competitors, so that you capture the SALES!!

Important Statistic to understand is that search engine users believe that the top listings
for a given Term automatically denote the top companies/brands in the relevant industry.
Therefore, a page one Position not only sends your company more traffic, it promotes the status
of your brand as the preeminent Authority in the minds of searchers.


If your website is not on page #1 of the search results, it might as well be a Billboard on the
Moon. Since 90% of users click on a listing on page one when they search, and 62% click on
a listing in the top three, if your site is not located on the first page of the search results, only
10% of users might ever see it.

We get 95% of our clients to page 1 organically within 90 days
For the TOP KEY PHRASES that bring in the highest conversion rates (ROI),

and we will Optimize your website So that Google and the other major search engines not only see your Site as Search engine friendly but also Relevant and Resourceful to increase your overall rankings

And on the PPC side of the house we typically increase ROI by about 15-30%
for our clients, working on a FLAT FEE basis, maintaining their current level of spend or less,

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Historically our clients are doubling and tripling their Sales!!
and we can do the same for you !!!

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and how we can deliver TOP Page 1 Rankings

for you and your business-

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At ThinkBIG We have our own top spot organic rankings on GOOGLE

See examples below:

Where Does ThinkBIG Rank on Google?

More web traffic – pg. 1 Top 2 spots

More website traffic – pg. 1 Top 2 spots

Optimization firm – pg. 1 Top 2 spots

Site optimization firm – pg. 1 Top 2 spots

Website optimization firm – pg. 1 Top 2 spots

SEO results – pg. 1

And many more………….

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