Friday, April 23, 2010

Linking strategies for Success –ThinkBIGSites- Sandi Parker

A Successful linking strategy encompasses the following

 Diversity
 Quality
 Quantity
 Frequency
 Freshness

Link Building FAQ’s…

Q: What`s the difference between off-page
optimization verses on-page SEO?

A: To be clear, SEO can be considered either “on-page SEO”
Or “off-page SEO”.

Here`s a brief outline on the two:

On-page SEO consists of optimizing on-page (within your
Website) factors that influence the search engine spiders and
Tell them what your site is all about. Examples of on-page
Elements that can be optimized for the search engines include:

Meta Data (Titles, Tags, Keywords)
Internal Linking Structure
XML Sitemap

Off-page SEO consists of off-page (outside) factors, which
Also influence the search engine spiders, which ultimately
Tell the engines what your site is an authority on, what and
Who your brand influences and how popular your website is.

Examples of off-page SEO can include:

Article Marketing
Press Releases
Traditional and Web 2.0 Link Building: Forums,
Directory Links, Social Bookmarks, Blog Links,
Banners, etc.
Social Media
Dedicated Blogging
Video Syndication

The major difference is that on-page factors are completely
Within your control, whereas off-page is out of your control (in
Terms of a “free” web) and therefore the weight of the on-page
Factors is somewhat limited in relation to achieving Google PR
And higher search engine placement.
Google understands that every business owner/webmaster
Wants to present their website in a positive way, so if they
Limited their algorithm to just on-page factors, they’d be
Serving up only biased results! Instead, they decided to create
An algorithm that considers the off-page optimization as well,

How would Google know who to rank first?
That’s where the off-page SEO comes in: it`s all about the
Links! When more people, from a variety of sources, link to
You, this is what truly sets you apart from the competition. This
Is why links via off-page SEO are so important?

A reputable web site optimization firm such as ThinkBIGSites, will help you put together a search engine optimization plan that they will not only implement but manage on a day to day basis. This ongoing hands-on management can be the difference between mediocre results and true success in gaining a grip in a particular industry and certainly in the online market.

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