Monday, May 24, 2010

ThinkBIG is NOW offering VIDEO Production & Distribution Svc's.-Video Generates twice as many views as Print content!

Video Production
Click to view (note: Google owns YOU TUBE)

An optimized video can help you stand out in the crowd

If you're missing video, you're missing a piece of the puzzle.

media has all gone electronic, books newspapers print ads newspapers you name it. its all on the web now and all of our information is gathered online.

It's no exaggeration that video has grown by leaps and bounds Now, video is a cornerstone of the online market and a SEO marketing tool that is a natural complement to any online marketing campaign.

At ThinkBIG we believe in the power of video marketing, we have seen firsthand how it is a natural fit to all SEO campaign; a video campaign will retain your targeted audience on your site with relevant and interesting video content.

Video on a website will not only attract visitors but add "stickiness" which engages them for longer periods of time.

Video complements SEO and PPC.

as a business owner you should do Everything that you can do to promote your company and offer added value to your customers/clients to boost your brand identity - and that includes the value a video can offer to your website visitors. When we implement a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign for you, we do so with the intention to attract a targeted audience; you can retain the potential customer/client on your site by offering them a reason to stay. On-page video marketing will allow you to engage your audience visually- furthering your optimization efforts and increasing your return on investment.

Facts about online video:
77% of Internet users have viewed online videos.
100 million videos are viewed online every day.
Video is the preferred form of online content, generating twice as many views as print content.
Video ads promise to grow by 45% in the next year alone.

ThinkBIG's expert video production team will work with you to create a dynamic and optimized marketing video for your website

The packages are based on up to 2 minute video clips.

to request more information on our video packages PACKAGES:


Sandi Parker

National Business Development

Direct: (480) 507-0639

or send an Email to titled "Video information Request"

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