Saturday, June 12, 2010

Search Engine Optimization


If you're goal is to increase online revenues for your company, you need to take a serious look at what ThinkBIG has to offer. We are not your typical SEO firm. In fact, when you understand our strategy, you'll see why we are getting high praise & accolades from around the world –

The good news is, if your site is deficient or flawed in some way it can easily be fixed quickly by our experts at a very fair cost and we can

Then apply our unique & proprietary SEO strategy which is designed & proven to propel websites upward to page 1 organically

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ThinkBIGSites- Web Site Optimization Firm
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Organic SEO Rankings- national and local packages available
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In business, consistency is often the key to success. While we all have ups and downs in business throughout the year, being able to maintain consist work allows for the greatest chance of success; the opportunity to effectively serve our clients each and every month and spread the wealth of good times. Online this means maintaining steady web site traffic throughout the year. Again, spikes are inevitable depending on the time of year and what specific products and services your business offers,

The overall goal should be to maintain a steady stream of web site traffic at all times therefore, It is very important to align yourself with a web site optimization firm that are experts in implementing a search engine optimization campaign that includes selective keywords and a Strategic Inbound Linking strategy. even creating additional optimized pages on your site to draw traffic as well as the attention of the search engines. all in an effort to increase web traffic on your site and raise your rankings on the search engines


We get 92% of our clients to page 1 organically within 90days for the TOP KEY PHRASES that bring in the highest conversion rates (ROI), and we will optimize your website so Google sees you as relevant and resourceful to increase your overall rankings
And in the PPC side of the house We ONLY work on a FLAT FEE basis in PPC, we typically increase ROI by about 15-30% for our clients, maintaining their current level of spend or less,

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