Thursday, October 28, 2010 Opens New Headquarters in Northport, NY, and Exceeds 3rd Qtr Revenue Forecasts Opens New Headquarters in Northport, NY, and Exceeds 3rd Qtr Revenue Forecasts
One of the top ranked Search Engine Optimization companies in the world as ranked by, announced the opening of their new corporate headquarters in Northport, NY, earlier today. In addition, they reported that 3rd Qtr revenues had increased by a staggering 70% over 3rd Qtr of 09' and year to date their revenues are up over 81% as compared to the same time last year. Managing Partner, Marc Arner attributes a large portion of the revenue spike to the introduction of Social Media packages and the fast paced growth of social networking.
With their tremendous and consistent growth along with their expanded service offerings, has now established herself as an industry leader who has developed a very well deserved national footprint in the internet marketing space. As compared to thousands of competitors and based on an overall evaluation of their client results, service offerings and customer service rating, has again ranked as the worlds #2 Best SEO Firm in October.
"As we carefully and regularly evaluate companies in the internet marketing space to identify the stand out leaders, ThinkBIG has continued to shine bright in all areas over an extended period of time and her growth rate is a clear indication that they are doing things right", said
ThinkBIG is a full service, boutique firm that is expert in various internet marketing disciplines including: SEO, Pay Per Click Bid Mgt (PPC), Web Design, Social media, Strategic Linking, Video and more. With consistent customer results, competitive pricing, a wide array of web services and a strategic "forward thinking" business model, it is no wonder that ThinkBIG has achieved such a high level of success in such a comparatively short period of time. When it comes to search engine optimization, social media, pay per click mgt and web design, is one of the few companies that consistently delivers high quality results that are designed to help clients drive and increase web traffic to their sites.
"With a strong 4th Qtr finish in 2010, the potential to double our 2009 revenues will be very attainable. Over the years, ThinkBIG has been able to attract some of the brightest minds in the industry to join our technical team as well as our world-wide sales force. With that powerful combination working in concert together day in and day out, we are literally unstoppable", said Managing partner, PJ Cammarata. is a full service internet marketing leader who can provide you with expert solutions for all your web related needs.

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