Thursday, February 17, 2011

SEO- JC penny getting spanked by Google for "black hat linking "

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Search Optimization and Its Dirty Little Secrets -
JC Penny caught using black hat linking strategy's and now is scrambling to take down the 2015 links in question acording to a A spokeswoman for J. C. Penney, Darcie Brossart says "“We are working to have the links taken down.” Matt Cutts, the head of the Webspam team at Google confirms that J C penny is violating Google guidelines,
Cutts said Google had detected previous guidelines violations related to on three occasions, most recently last November. Each time, steps were taken that reduced Penney’s search results — Mr. Cutts avoids the word “punished” — but Google did not later “circle back” to the company to see if it was still breaking the rules, he said.
He and his team had missed this recent campaign of paid links, which he said had been up and running for the last three to four months.
On Wednesday evening, Google began what it calls a “manual action” against Penney, essentially demotions specifically aimed at the company.
PENNEY reacted to this instant reversal of fortune by, among other things, firing its search engine consulting firm, SearchDex.

Weather you are a Large or small company beware of using black Hat tricky to get ranked on Google. You will get cought and could be banned off Google like BMW was in 2006. and that is certainly not going to help you sales!!

When choosing a Search Engine company,

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When choosing an SEO firm, a few things to look for are,
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what kind of contract do they want you to sign. If it is long term be careful that is a red flag in the SEO world.
• Educated guidance. A reputable web site optimization firm will educate their clients about the SEO process and help them to understand and determine the best course of action in marketing their site appropriately.
• Expertise about the industry. You want to work with a web site optimization firm that has proven process and are experts in the field of the online marketing industry and can navigate within the changes that can happen and will happen.
• Customized solutions. Not every plan for search engine optimization will work in the same way for each and every company. A web site optimization firm should be flexible and provide customized solutions for helping to rank your business within you industry on the search engines to increase your Web traffic results
• Ongoing management. It’s not enough to provide a Seo organic search plan, implement it, and walk away. A reputable web site optimization firm will provide ongoing management for long term success.
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