Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Google Panda 2.2 Update Coming Soon | Think Big Blog

Google Panda 2.2 Update Coming Soon | Think Big Blog

Google Panda 2.2 Update Coming Soon

Google Panda 2.2 Update

Google Panda 2.2 Update

The worldwide web is where most of us turn when we are looking for current up to the minute news. It is also the best place to turn to for updated changes ABOUT the internet. The big news today, at least to the world of search engine optimization and online marketing, is the announcement that Google is updating their Panda algorithm to 2.2.

As the SEO community and online business owners know, when Panda/Farmer was released in February, it wreaked havoc on a lot of sites. While most people are trying to increase web traffic, Panda was doing the exact opposite. Many people have complained that not only have rankings dropped, but site traffic as well. For some, not only did they see their rankings drop, they saw sites that scraped their information actually ranking higher!

While we still do not know much about the Panda 2.2 update, a few bits of information were made public. One of the major pieces of the update is an improvement in regards to detecting the scraping and re-publishing of content from one site to another. We also now know that Panda will continue to be updated, and while the exact schedule is published , it is expected to be every few weeks.

And while we may not know the ins and outs of this algorithm, here are some questions straight from Google we should all be asking ourselves:


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