Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays from ThinkBIGsites! | Think Big Blog

Happy Holidays from ThinkBIGsites! | Think Big Blog
Seasons Greetings! From all of us here at ThinkBIGsites, we want to wish you a happy, safe, and healthy holidays. Whether it be Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, or Festivus, may it be a great one!

As 2011 ends we reflect on so many events and changes in our industry. Search Engine Optimization continues to evolve and change, and while some people “still don’t get it”, online marketing and SEO services continually prove to be an essential business strategy. We continue to see new tools and services introduced that help us drive web traffic, and we find that SEO along with social media are two vital components to a business of any size.

So what does 2012 hold? We continue to see social media growing in importance… Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ have all shown themselves to be the big players in the field, but will it stay that way? And how will the tablet revolution change things for everyone?

In October of this year, Google added SSL to search, so if you are signed in to Google and doing a search, SSL is the default setting, whereby Analytics and other services will be unable to report on web traffic and keyword data. Moving forward, how will SEO, PPC, and other online marketing efforts be affected by this? Is this an effort by Google to somehow keep certain info to themselves, or maybe find a way to monetize this strategy?

Whatever happens in 2012, it will sure to be exciting and innovative. We here at ThinkBIGsites will continue to keep watch on changes and events in our industry, and report on them as they occur! So Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from ThinkBIGsites, the leader in targeted web traffic!

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