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Introducing Social Search Optimization - SSO--Contact Sandi Parker at ThinkBIGSites-for more information





Harness the power of the two GIANTS--- FACEBOOK & GOOGLE---With ThinkBIGSites SSO program -Social Search Optimization

  Social Media + SEO = Social Search Optimization (SSO)

Our Social Media and SEO experts develop & design branded Facebook pages that get very "BIG" results!

Social networking is everywhere and growing faster than any other sector of the internet market. We all know that Facebook is the biggest player in the space with over 700 million users and growing. In fact, businesses from around the world are beginning to harness the power of social media marketing on Facebook at an astounding pace with a foreseeable growth rate that is simply off the charts. However, almost 70% of all searches are still done on Google with Bing and Yahoo making up most of the remaining 30%. So the question for almost every small and mid-sized business owner has always been, "How can I run an effective Social and SEO campaign simultaneously, without going broke"? Until NOW, no one has had the answer.

Introducing SSO

Our "SSO Campaigns" are a perfect fit for almost any type of business looking to establish and market themselves on Facebook and the major Search Engines at an affordable price. This proprietary approach is unique to ThinkBIG ONLY. Our team of search and social experts will hand craft custom SSO campaigns for each and every client. ThinkBIG is one of only a few agencies that has the advantage of working closely with a dedicated team within Facebook that is solely responsible for optimizing our client's social media campaigns. In addition to leveraging the team at Facebook, every ThinkBIG client is also assigned a dedicated account manager that is available 24/7 to ensure optimum results on a consistent basis.
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ThinkBIGsites.com Introduces Social Search Optimization (SSO)

Highly esteemed SEO authority, ThinkBIGsites.com has developed a “one of a kind” internet marketing strategy that cleverly combines both, their state of the art, search engine optimization and social media marketing techniques, designed to help clients increase online sales immediately!


Our clients have spoken, we’ve heard them loud and clear  and we’ve delivered once again.

Northport, NY (PRWEB) May 01, 2012
Today, ThinkBIGSites unveiled their latest innovation, coined Social Search Optimization (SSO), which they consider to be an absolute “game changer”. Developed to help clients improve their overall online visibility, this well thought out fusion of high level SEO and expert Social Media Marketing, both working in concert has proven to quickly increase targeted web traffic that converts at a very high percentage. This revolutionary, blended strategy now allows ThinkBIG to effectively harness the immense power of both giants, Google and Facebook working in tandem which gives clients a very robust, one two punch in this ever changing, ultra competitive market place.
Far too many companies of all types and sizes continue to wrestle with the persistent dilemma of trying to simultaneously engage in both SEO and Social Media marketing strategies without breaking the bank. Today, ThinkBIG has effectively put that costly and incessant dilemma to rest once and for all!
Because of the advanced vision of Co-Founder and Managing Partner Marc Arner, better known internally as “the architect”, ThinkBIG has consistently developed numerous, value added solutions that have routinely proven to be light years ahead of the vast majority of strategies employed throughout the industry.
“In our continuing effort to create leading edge internet marketing strategies that work, we strategize endlessly in daily think tank sessions to develop and cultivate new ideas that will help our clients drive more web traffic and increase their online sales. Our clients have spoken, we’ve heard them loud and clear and we’ve delivered once again”, said VP Client Relations, Andy Arner.
Industry experts believe that this new, ground breaking SSO strategy and its designer, Marc Arner will receive well deserved attention and admiration in the weeks and months to come. This is what website owners and marketing managers the world over have been craving for many years and now it’s here.
ThinkBIGSites is a full service internet marketing firm specializing in driving targeted web traffic through expert Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Search Optimization (SSO) and Pay Per Click Bid Mgt strategies. For more information about ThinkBIGSites, visit their website at http://www.thinkbigsites.com, or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/thinkbigsites.

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  1. I love the idea of well done social searches. I think that social searches are an absolutely great way to organize and manage content sharing for personal use or businesses.