Friday, August 17, 2012

Introducing Social Search Optimization - SSO

Introducing Social Search Optimization - SSO

Social Media + SEO = Social Search Optimization (SSO)

Introducing Social Search Optimization - SSO
 Social networking is everywhere and growing faster than any other sector of the internet market. We all know that Facebook is the biggest player in the space, with now close to "one billion" worldwide users and rising at an unprecedented pace. In fact, businesses from around the world are beginning to harness the power of social media marketing on Facebook at an astounding pace with a foreseeable growth rate that is simply off the charts. However, almost 70% of all searches are still done on Google with Bing and Yahoo making up most of the remaining 30%. So the question for almost every small and mid-sized business owner has always been, "How can I run an effective Social and SEO campaign simultaneously, without going broke?" Until NOW, no one has had the answer.

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