Monday, April 8, 2013

Site Speed Is Important - Think Big Blog | Think Big Blog

Site Speed Is Important - Think Big Blog | Think Big Blog
Organic web traffic.

Site Speed Is Important

Every time I have a review call with my SEO clients, we of course talk about the SERPs and the strategy behind achieving the ranking results that we get. We talk about the off-page work we do, the on-page optimization, and the other elements that comprise the campaign. But one thing we probably do not talk about often enough is site speed.
We all know as far as web traffic goes, Yahoo and Bing are certainly factors, but the game is being played in Google. The big traffic numbers are in Google, so that is where most SEO companies focus their work. But Google doesn’t like SEO much, or rather maybe it’s not a matter of liking or disliking SEO, they just don’t make it easy for us to do what we do. Google does not give us any real tools to work with, so much of the time we end up having to use third-party API tools that Google frowns upon. The good news in regards to site speed is Google has a great set of tools that are publicly available to us. These tools, called PageSpeed, are designed to provide us with not only a measurement of how fast or slow a site is, but also what are the areas this can be improved.

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