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Our Search Engine Optimization Services

ThinkBIG's unique SEO services are literally what put us on the map. This is where we easily separate ourselves from the crowded field of thousands of Search Engine Optimization consultants throughout the world. SEO is not a fixed science where anyone can simply step in and be successful by employing a cookie cutter approach. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Most companies in this industry are still using antiquated SEO methods that simply do not work any longer to produce organic SEO results. What's worse is that most of these ThinkBIG competitors are unaware of which new strategies and formulas can and will achieve the desired result, which is why customers have to be very careful in who they choose to do this essential work. Putting a website on Google's page 1 organically, in most cases, is a colossal feat and ThinkBIG does it every day with each and every client! Check out our SEO results to see the proof behind our claims.

Monthly Organic SEO Campaigns

95% of our clients reach page 1 "Organic" SEO status within 90 days and within 180 days they can expect to be stabilized and anchored in those high positions when taking part in our SEO services. It's our job to get and keep you ranked. So we are as motivated as much as our clients. If you are not seeing the results you want, we lose! Each of our monthly SEO campaigns consists of these 3 major components.

  1. The Keyword Analysis (KEI) - The first step in our "Organic" SEO strategy is the foundation of any successful internet marketing campaign. A first rate high quality keyword analysis which will help us determine which keyword phrase/s will bring the best results for a particular client. Within their market space The client and ThinkBIG will then come to a joint decision regarding which keyword phrases to target based on expected traffic, ROI and ranking feasibility. With the proper keywords in place, clients can expect quicker than normal rankings and most importantly a high conversion Return which is usually synonymous with greater sales numbers.
  2. The On Page SEO - The second part in our "Organic" SEO strategy is the foundation of the campaign and relates to our internal process of preparing a website to be more easily searched and indexed by Google and the major search engines. This often means making changes to a website to make it more search engine friendly. We insure that the keywords we are targeting are infused throughout the website so as Google's robots and spiders crawl the site from time to time in search of relevancy, they will value the site more highly and therefore begin moving it forward in their search results. Our high level On Page SEO services also encompass making any corrections and repairs needed on the site to minimize any and all obstacles (Ex: improper meta and title tags, broken pages and links etc.) that may hinder a high ranking result.
  3. Strategic Inbound Linking (Our Network) - "Link Juice/Pass Through Ratio" - The third part of our "Organic" SEO strategy is the single most important component in Google's Algorithm (fancy math formula) which determines where a website appears within the "Organic" search results page (SERPS). We control/own a worldwide network of highly rated blogs, websites and social bookmark profiles that will steer or point high quality inbound links to the client's website every month. This is our "Unfair Advantage", as it relates to Search Engine Optimization. The Task of our worldwide network is to hyperlink or point the chosen keyword phrases to the client's website in an effort to consistently deliver high quality, essential one way links. A high quality link is viewed favorably by Google as a "vote" and or "endorsement" of the client's website. This is referred to throughout the industry as "Passing Link Juice". Our linking department will monitor, measure, and manage the linking structure of each account on a monthly basis. This ensures the client will receive the most value possible from each and every link pointing to their site. This activity goes to the heart of feeding Google & the other major search engines crave - Relevant, keyword rich, consistent and current content linking about the Products & Services that the client seeks to be recognized for. These links will contain the chosen keyword phrases which are pointed either back to the client's main website and or dispersed throughout other social internet mediums in an effort to create a diversified yet powerful and consistent "buzz" about the client's website.

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