Saturday, March 12, 2011

As of last week, Google may have "dimmed the lights" on your website.

As of last week, Google may have "dimmed the lights" on your website.
In fact, THOUSANDS of sites got *pummeled* after this latest update.POOF!... R.I.P.
Even some article "authority" sites watched their traffic PLUMMET by over 35% in just 2 days!

Serious stuff.Depending on where you get traffic and backlinks, some say the worse is yet to come.

If you're goal is to increase online revenues for your company the Solid way , you need to take a serious look
at what ThinkBIG has to offer. We are not your typical SEO firm. In fact, when you understand our strategy,
you'll see why we are getting high praise & accolades from around the world – and its all due to the

The good news is, if  your site is deficient or flawed in some way  it  can easily be  fixed quickly by our experts at a very fair cost and we can
Then apply our unique & proprietary SEO strategy which is designed & proven to propel websites upward to page 1 organically,
where all the sales are made!!

Every ranking site has two things Fresh content and new links
7       things –Our Think BIG sites expert link building team wants you to know about links for SEO
Ø      Type-a healthly backlink looks as natural  and  organic as possible
Ø      Anchor text  staying in line with diversity for an organic campaign within link types
Ø      Relevancy is all about the site audience not the site topic
Ø      Page Rank (PR) many people confuse toolbar PR from actual PR
Ø      Deep linking you need to link your keyword to the best corresponding page within your site
Ø      Age Google has placed more weight on the age of the link
Ø      Inconsistencies Google is all about trust, and trust comes with
      Consistency and time

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