Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why Good Employees Burn Out - And How You Can Stop It

Why Good Employees Burn Out -
And How You Can Stop It
Two out of three employees say workplace stress made it more difficult for them to do their jobs. That translates into lower productivity, poor results, dissatisfied customers, morale issues and – perhaps worst of all – higher turnover.
In time, burnout will ruin even the strongest workforce. To alleviate it you need to know what causes stress and how to spot stressed out employees.
The proven, low or no cost strategies that you'll get in this report will show you how to eliminate stressors, prevent future occurrences and reduce turnover by helping employees escape burnout. How to do it? Read the executive report:

The Solution: "Why Good People Burn Out – And How You Can Stop It"

Reduce Stress and Prevent Employee Burnout in 30 minutes:
  • Discover the 6 major causes of workplace stress that lead to burnout
  • Spot over-stressed employees early with this laundry list of warning signs
  • 8 ways to cut stress in 60 seconds – and they won't cost you a dime
  • Give employees these 6 exercises to keep stress levels from creeping up over time
  • Do you make these 9 mistakes that cause your employees stress? See page 21

Jammed with real-world stress reducing techniques, this fast-read executive report gives you practical steps you can put into action today to help rid your employees of production-killing stressors and create a more comfortable work environment.

Keep Good Employees on Track with Proven Stress Relievers
  • Why your best employees may be on the brink of burnout – and how to save them
  • Promote these 7 stress-eliminating habits to your employees
  • Knock out physical stressors that suck the energy from employees and hurt productivity
  • 4 smart motivational tactics leaders use to keep stress at bay

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