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Sandi Parker ThinkBigSites Get Website Traffic and Be On Top

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Come on board with us and take the $$$$ to the bank!!

For a quick overview of our services check out videos on YouTube

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Check out the videos on you tube:
1-SEO organic
2-PPC Bid Mgt
3-Web Site Design

Organic SEO Video
ThinkBIG, our SEO experts work diligently with our clients to get their websites first-page search engine rankings. Our Organic SEO process consists of three steps: keyword analysis, search engine optimization and strategic inbound linking. Together, these steps result in improved organic rankings on all the major search engines, particularly Google. ThinkBIG SEO methodology helps our clients to realize increased web traffic and consequentially more sales, revenue and profits.
PPC Bid Management Video
ThinkBIG's pay per click bid management program puts your search engine marketing in the hands of experts. Our methodology utilizes the latest software as well as 60% human intervention to ensure that your marketing dollars are spent wisely and effectively. Let us concentrate on the marketing strategies of your website so that you can concentrate on growing your business!
Website Optimization and Design Video .
ThinkBIG's web optimization and design team can optimize your current website, or build you a new one from the ground up. Whether you just want to add a blog to your existing site, or you need help developing your entire online corporate presence, our team of professional web designers are ready to work for you.
At Thinkbigsites we can help brand your company the leading authority in your market space on the internet blogosphere. And putting you ahead of your competitors on Google's page one.
Think Big is well ahead of the curve & our process is quicker & less expensive than anyone else in the business today!

We will only be targeting a maximum of 2 or 3 companies from your industry using the same keyword phrases to put into our program
Increase your visibility, profits and SALES!! With ThinkBIGSites

Request Our FREE 2oo9 - The TBS white papers
It is very interesting, informative information that all business should be aware of as to why your site needs to be optimized. Our white Paper will also explains our products and services in detail, and CLEARLY differentiates us from the crowd
Knowledge is power
If nothing else, you’ll be better educated as to why search engine optimization is crucial to the success of your business

The bottom line is this: we get 95% of our clients to page 1 organically within 90days for the TOP keywords that bring in the highest conversion rates, and we will optimize your website so Google sees you as relevant and resourceful to increase your overall rankings
And in the PPC side of the house We ONLY work on a FLAT FEE basis in PPC, we typically increase ROI by about 15-30% for our clients, maintaining their current level of spend or less,

Historically our clients are doubling and tripling their Sales
• We have our own top spot organic rankings on GOOGLE and we can do the same for you – see examples below:

Where Does ThinkBIG Rank on Google?

o More web traffic – pg. 1 Top 2 spots
o More website traffic – pg. 1 Top 2 spots
o Optimization firm – pg. 1 Top 2 spots
o Site optimization firm – pg. 1 Top 2 spots
o Website optimization firm – pg. 1 Top 2 spots
o SEO results – pg. 1
And many more………….

• We have been prominently featured on AOL Money & Finance, as well as 67 other online media outlets, which include: Market Watch, Yahoo Business & Finance, PR Newswire, etc

• After many extensive interviews w/ ThinkBIG’s Managing Partner & creative genius, Marc Arner & other industry leaders, the producers at CNBC were very impressed with our expertise & industry knowledge so they chose Marc to be the featured guest on a new program called Inside Business hosted by Sen. Fred Thompson. This program will also run on CNN where Marc will be discussing Internet Marketing trends & much more. And will be Aired in August

Feel free to call me any time to discuss getting started or if you have any further questions

Sandi Parker
National Sales Director
Direct -480-507-0639
Fax -480-522-3500

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