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Stay Viable and Increase Web Traffic

Stay Viable and Increase Web Traffic
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Why is it that web sites that have all the bells and whistles to promote seem to have so much trouble with self promotion? There is little argument with marketing a company in general but when it comes to marketing a web site there is less understanding about the importance of making a statement online - and the reinvention that will allow the site to grow over time.

Madonna knew that she was famous when she wore jelly bracelets and mini-skirts. Was she talented? Yes. But her talent off stage more than rivaled any on stage because she was forward thinking enough to know that what was popular one minute may not be popular the next. She had to reinvent herself if she was going to stay viable. And she did. Over and over again. Until, here we are in 2009 still talking about her, still watching her in concert, still reading about her in the magazines – twenty-five years after she first caught our attention.

This is a lesson to be learned. Sitting on your laurels may get you remembered for successes of the past but it will not get you the success you may deserve going forward. Want to stay viable in an online market? Want to be able to compete with those coming in that are newer and younger? Reinvent yourself. Never lose the quality for which you strive. Maintain your business philosophy if it works. But give your audience something new and exciting to look at in order to increase web traffic.

Consider the search engines to be the celebrity magazines that we devour; we know what’s hot by looking at them. And if they think you’re hot and they put you in their top positions to prove it (i.e. the front cover) then the rest will follow.

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