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FREE set up Fee for PPC -Pay Per Click Offered by the Experts at THINK BIG SITES

Paid search advertising, or Pay Per click bid management , where you pay for your chosen keywords or  phrases known as sponsored Ads  that will show on page one of the major search engines bringing  visitors to your site. If you are starting a new site and struggling to get some traffic,  PPC bid management  is a great place to start and will get you some immediate results while you wait for your site to get ranked organically using search engine Optimization.
To get more information on how PPC BID Mgt works you can view the video below  

Introduction to the Google Ad Auction

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An explanation of this major Adwords Auction change as described by Hal Varian, Google's Chief Economist (9 min video).
Since Google implemented major changes in their Adwords Auction formula a few months ago, many companies are being penalized by Google in their Adwords campaigns (PPC - Sponsored Links) if their "Quality Score" is low. Quality Score is determined by CTR (Click Thru Rate), Relevance, Landing page & Ad quality. Many clients are unaware of this major change because it was not formally announced by Google & what's worse, you may not be aware of the penalties that are occurring because of it! The penalty for a low quality score will include a potentially higher CPC (Cost Per Click) than you might have otherwise paid & a reduction in Impressions or "Impression Share" which will negatively effect your overall ROI. The document attached explains how a client can view his/her Impression Share data & other trends thru Google's reporting system. Many clients don't know how to view this important data & if they do, they often think that the recent reduction they've noticed in their Impressions, ROI (return on investment), conversions, sales etc... are a direct result of the slowing economy, which in many cases may not be true at all - In fact, it may have everything to do with this Google change!

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