Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How is my keyword's Quality Score used? - AdWords Help

A Quality Score is calculated every time your keyword matches a search query—that is, every time your keyword has the potential to trigger an ad. Quality Score is used in several different ways, including influencing your keywords' actual cost-per-clicks (CPCs)

All business owners using PPC ADword campaigns need to be aware of this

Its no longer about the Guy with the most money, its all about the quality score .
The penalty for a low quality score will include a potentially higher CPC (Cost Per Click) than you might have otherwise paid & a reduction in Impressions or "Impression Share" which will negatively effect your overall ROI. Many clients often think that the recent reduction they've noticed in their Impressions, ROI (return on investment), conversions, sales etc... are a direct result of the slowing economy, which in many cases may not be true at all - In fact, it may have everything to do with this Google change!
many companies are being penalized by Google in their Adwords campaigns (PPC - Sponsored Links) if their "Quality Score" is low. Quality Score is determined by CTR (Click Thru Rate), Relevance, Landing page & Ad quality

To get more information on how PPC BID Mgt works you can view this video

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