Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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According to Google Matt Cutts, Google is increasing its efforts to remove user results of search spam that are created by aggregation sites, content farms, and automated blogs.
People are complaining about the search spam and Google decided that they’re going to clean up the results to get rid of the spam. The company is implementing new ways to improve its search quality. Cutts stated that they have made some progress in eliminating spam.
Web spams have decreased and Google will now focus on content farms. These are sites that feature low-quality contents. The search company had major algorithmic changes in 2010 with regards to such sites. Even with those changes in place, people are still asking for stronger action to filter content farms from search results.
Google is doing a good job in improving their algorithms to combat spam. With an improved search engine, users will be able to find relevant information and not junk when using Google. Hopefully Matt Cutts and his team will be able to keep out content farms from results. That would make life easier for the Google user

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