Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Content Creation in Growing Your Brand with thinkbigsites.com/sparker.html

Online marketing requires the coming together of a variety of components that work in tandem to grow a brand. When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) keywords are the crux of the methodology – the foundation of the entire program. The goal? To move a web site up in the search engine rankings so that it is more accessible to its potential customers and web traffic is increased as a result – as is the company’s conversion rate of visitors to customers. SEO is an organic process which means the tools are put in place and through time and persistence the efforts pay off in delivering a web site to its desired location.

Keywords are chosen based upon their relevance to the brand and the likelihood that a potential user of that brand will use those keywords in an online search. The keywords are then integrated throughout the content so that they are picked up by the search engines as relevant to particular searches. This requires that content be implemented on the site that makes use of those keywords in a natural way.

To that end, content creation in terms of online marketing is important. Content must embody the spirit of the web site – helping to market the company and the brand and deliver a message to the intended audience in a manner that is interesting/entertaining to them and to which they are likely to give their attention; but it must also incorporate SEO in that it must include the keywords that were chosen for the site.

In this way content must straddle the line between traditional brand marketing and SEO. A reputable web site optimization firm will provide content services that do more than meet their SEO needs; content will be created to elevate the site’s ranking on the search engines but also do the business justice in terms of effectively communicating its products, services, and philosophy.

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