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ThinkBigSites Optimized Press Releases-Instant SALES !!!

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Optimized Press Releases
Enhancing the Search Engine Visibility of your website and the services/products you offer is essential in today's global market place. A strategically timed, very well written and optimized Press Release or a sequence thereof, can accomplish this objective and often almost immediately increase website traffic significantly.
ThinkBIG offers unique insight and expertise in this area. In most cases, optimized press release services, including professional writing and Search Engine Optimization, conducted by ThinkBig SEO professionals will generate significant interest in a client's website or service/product offering that has often resulted in an increase in sales practically overnight.
Our custom Optimized Press Release Services cause your optimized press releases to be distributed to hundreds of global web news outlets. These optimized Press Releases will generally be picked up by dozens of major business websites the world over, as well as the major search engines such as: Google, Yahoo and MSN to name a few. The Press Release lives on these websites for many months. Most ThinkBIG clients have actually seen more web traffic within just 1 day of the SEO Press Release being published. This is a perfect way to kick start an internet marketing campaign or simply notify the world of a major event occurring within your company.

Example: what can a press release do for you
Instant SALES !!!
ThinkBig’s recent Press Release

Our recent Press Release titled, "SEO Firm Achieves Record Revenues in 2nd Qtr of 09' -went live on 7/10/09. So far it has received "196,702" impressions and "2,628" reads in just 11 days. Now that kind of activity will kick start any clients' ThinkBIG SEO campaigns!!
Example: what can a press release do for you
Press Release entitled "Crazy Dog T-Shirts Announces T-Shirt Design Contest " went live on 2009-03-13. Within one week the
Press Release received 215,873 impressions and 1,935 reads.
Instant SALES !!!
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We can help you To increase you’re visibility, profits and Sales !!!

The bottom line is this: we get 95% of our clients to page 1 organically within 90days for the TOP keywords that bring in the highest conversion rates, and we will optimize your website so Google sees you as relevant and resourceful to increase your overall rankings

Historically our clients are doubling and tripling their Sales!!

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