Friday, July 31, 2009

Sandi Parker ThinkBigSites-Why Search Engine Optimization-

Search engine optimization is crucial to the success of your business

If your website is not on page #1 of the search results, it might as well be a Billboard on the Moon. Since 90% of users click on a listing on page one when they search, and 62% click on a listing in the top three, if your site is not located on the first page of the search results, only 10% of users might ever see it. Furthermore, your page #1 ranking has to be natural - 72% of users only click on the organic results, not the sponsored ads or pay-per-click listings.

Another important statistic to understand is that 36% of search engine users believe that the top listings for a given term automatically denote the top companies/brands in the relevant industry. Therefore, a page one position not only sends your company more traffic, it upgrades the status of your brand as the preeminent authority in the minds of searchers.

Of course, it is not enough to only be on page one for your brand name, especially if your brand is not already well-known. Your business needs to be at the top of the search results for relevant terms; e.g. “Chicago web design” if you happen to be a web design company located in Chicago. You also need to consider what terms people actually type into the search engines – for example, users tend to use less formal wording and broader terms, like Chicago area remodeling as opposed to Riverside home renovation.

Clearly, search engine optimization and online marketing are not luxuries, they are necessities. After all, you could create the most visually engaging and usable website possible for your business, but if no one can find it, you are essentially wasting your time and money. Being on page one for search terms that are extremely relevant to your business is what drives traffic to your business and ultimately results in conversions.

We have our own top spot organic rankings on GOOGLE and we can do the same for you – see examples below:

Where Does ThinkBIG Rank on Google?

o More web traffic – pg. 1 Top 2 spots

o More website traffic – pg. 1 Top 2 spots

o Optimization firm – pg. 1 Top 2 spots

o Site optimization firm – pg. 1 Top 2 spots

o Website optimization firm – pg. 1 Top 2 spots

o SEO results – pg. 1
And many more………….

We have been prominently featured on AOL Money & Finance, as well as 67 other online media outlets, which include: Market Watch, Yahoo Business & Finance, PR Newswire, etc

After many extensive interviews w/ ThinkBIG’s Managing Partner & creative genius, Marc Arner & other industry leaders, the producers at CNBC were very impressed with our expertise & industry knowledge so they chose Marc to be the featured guest on a new program called Inside Business hosted by Sen. Fred Thompson. This program will also run on CNN where Marc will be discussing Internet Marketing trends & much more. And will be Aired in August

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